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Peggy specializes in keynotes, seminars, retreats and workshops that can increase morale, create healthier employees, inspire happier customers, increase sales and markedly improve customer service in industry, corporations, associations, hospitals, universities and communities. 

She offers a variety of ever-changing keynotes, seminars, retreats and services.

If you don't see just what you need from the sample below, just ask!

Peggy can create a program to fit with your particular needs! 

The Art of Effective Compassionate Communication - designed to empower employees with assertive communication skills

Building Brilliant Organizations - learn about Emotional Intelligence and how our emotions affect our decision making process and realize that it is not how smart you are, it is how you are smart!

Retrain Your Brain, Reframe Your Life - designed to give participants a better understanding of neuroscience and their brain and how to transform limited, negative thinking to positive, unlimited thinking with the aid of cognitive reprogramming and other tools for the inner toolkit. 

The Art of Managing Stress Before it Manages You - this explores the psychological and physiological affects of stress on the body and provides an in-depth look at how to manage stress both personally and professionally and boost productivity, self esteem and well-being. 

Teambuilding 101 - this staff retreat is designed to increase connectivity, communication cooperation and co-create strategic plans to move your organization forward by playing to strengths and managing vulnerabilities.

Peggy is an imminently approachable and inspirational keynote speaker and executive coach. She exudes an exceptional blend of clarity, creative perspective, and real understanding of human behavior. 

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